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ALFARABI Investment Company is a Kuwaiti shareholding closed banking financial investment company incorporated in Kuwait early 2005, regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK). ALFARABI Investment Company was established with a paid-up capital of KD 21.5 Million (Approximately USD 80 Million)

ALFARABI Investment Company has been envisaged as a new vehicle engaged in direct investments in industrial and service projects, specializing in Private Equity, Establishment of New Companies, Development of existing corporations and Project Finance. Such activities shall be carried out under the supervision of a professional team with...

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التوصيات الأربعين الصادرة عن مجموعة العمل المالي لمكافحة غسل الأموال

أصدرت مجموعة العمل المالي في عام 1990 توصياتها الاربعين لمكافحة غسل الاموال وهي التوصيات التي تشكل عصب مجهودات مكافحة غسل الاموال حول العالم اليوم وفيما يلي ترجمة للتوصيات الاربعين:

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